A little bit of background

We are a family from the UK. I’m Adam – I retired in July 2018 after 31 years in the Police Force. My wife is Selena, and our three year old daughter is called Elizabeth (Lizzy).

I had always nurtured a dream of living in Spain once I had secured my pension from the Police. Selena is a teacher and was interested in the possibility of a new life abroad. Lizzy…. well she just had to go with the flow…..

I have two grown up kids from a previous marriage, both of whom will feature in this story, and Selena and I both have families back in England that we will be eager to see over the coming months.

Once we agreed to make the move to Spain, it was all totally dependent upon Selena securing a job there, otherwise there would be no way that we could possibly survive financially. She put in the hours of application and research and was rewarded with a job offer in Valencia – then followed the hesitation – shall we / shall we not??

Of course she accepted, and that started an incredible chain of events. Job offer received in March, to start living and working in Spain in August…………….

We decided to keep our house in England, so that if things didn’t work out we had somewhere to go back to, so we rented that to tenants. In the meantime we had to move in, temporarily, with Selena’s father, who agreed to store all of our belongings, short term and long term, to avoid storage charges….. what a star.

We rented a house in Valencia, bought a van, filled it to the roof (and on the roof!) and off we went.

This is our story.